Dear Ministers, Leaders, Church Representatives & Intercessors,

As many of you might know, GSUS LIVE is coming to Thurrock for the third time. If you’re not familiar with GSUS LIVE, please look at their website, or see the article on the Transformation Thurrock website.

Quite simply, it is a mobile classroom on an artic lorry trailer containing a computerised interactive RE presentation. During this visit, thousands of Thurrock’s young people will receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ through this project.

Please find attached a Prayer Guide. It is designed to be made into an A5 pamphlet, so please print of page 1, turn over and print page 2 on the back, then fold over. Margins are 1cm all the way round.

Training of the Presenters and Technical Crew takes place this Saturday, and the mission kicks off this coming Monday at William Edwards School in Grays. Over the next half term, GSUS LIVE will be going to 6 or 7 local secondary schools across Thurrock. (There is still some doubt concerning the last week – see the attachment for details.) Some of the volunteers working on the project may have come from your church.

We have arranged for each week to have a Prayer Facilitator who’s focus is their local school. Again, details are on the attachment. Please feel free to link up with these people, who will be arranging prayer activities in those weeks. But also, please use the attached Prayer Guide in your church services and prayer meetings, or to hand out to interested parties for use at home.

We aim for this visit of GSUS LIVE to have a lasting impact on this generation of young people, and leave a legacy of imperishable seed that will someday germinate, via the watering of the Holy Spirit, into relationship with Father God through Jesus Christ. So prayer is imperative.

If you receive this email more than once, it’s because you’re on more than one email list! Any queries, please feel free to ask.

On behalf of the GSUS LIVE Team, many thanks and God bless,