PICT22942Last week, Port Chaplain Paul Cave took possession of a number of products from Procter & Gamble’s West Thurrock Site for this year’s Christmas Appeal for Seafarers. These were donated by Paul Wilson, the community matters leader for the site (see right the moment of presentation).

Paul Cave works for the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission, which is a ministry of the London City Mission, working on ships that dock along the Thames. Much of his work is centred around Tilbury Freeport and the other wharfs along Thurrock’s riverbank.

For the past few years, Paul has run an annual appeal to give presents to seafarers from all around the world who find themselves docked over the Christmas period, thousands of miles from home. These gifts are given by many people from across Thurrock, mainly from local companies, schools and churches with whom Paul has contact. Hundreds of seafarers have expressed their happiness at receiving these gifts from the community of Thurrock.

Procter & Gamble offered to supply a range of toiletries and other items to go into the gifts. Paul Wilson, who is the community matters leader at the West Thurrock factory, oversaw the exchange of the goods, and expressed delight on behalf of Procter & Gamble at being able to be part of the appeal.

PICT22962Also present were Tim Harrold of Transformation Thurrock, who helps Paul in publicising the appeal across the borough, and Mareena Dixey of West Thurrock Chapel (seen left with Paul Cave), who oversees the packing by volunteers of  all the various items in the lead-up to Christmas.

If you’d like to donate towards the Parcels for Seafarers Christmas Appeal, then please see for details. Other than various kinds of toiletries, the appeal is for woollen hates, scarves and gloves – all very useful on the open seas!

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