Score Board

Last Saturday evening’s Bar’N’Bus Fundraising Quiz drew a large crowd to St Clement’s Church in West Thurrock.

The final scoreboard can be seen above. As you can see, there were only 2.25 points between the top three teams!

106 people attended, paying £10 each – this included fish or chicken with chips, and a donation to Bar’N’Bus. Over all, a staggering £699.60 was raised, including the bus-shaped money boxes for loose change on each table of the 13 competing teams.

The money will go towards the new Thurrock bus, which has been bought but still has a few bits to do inside, and the ever-present weekly running costs.

The eventual winners, the Semi-Professionals, won the much-coveted trophy, a Bertie the Bus die-cast model – and a big tin of chocolates.

Before the results of the quiz were revealed by quiz master Simon Wilson and his ‘beautiful assistant’ Neil ‘Frosty’ Frost, representatives of each of Thurrock’s three teams – and one from the Basildon team – said a short word as an encouragement to others to volunteers.

Ray Barnard from the West Thurrock team talked about how great it was that some (4) of the young people from the bus also came to the quiz night.

Lillian Barton of the Corringham team said how great it was that the young people can have fun playing with the older generation games such as Happy Families. She expressed that at first she’d not been sure about joining the team, but has come to love it – and love the young people.

Harold Hoyte from the Grays Beach team said how fun it was to spend time playing ‘night cricket’ and other activities with the young people.

Marion from the Basildon team spoke about the need for a safe place for young people to hang out at night because some are told by their mother or father to stay out until late while they entertain their dates. She emphasised the power of telling such abandoned youngsters as these that Jesus loves them.

Finally, Bar’N’Bus Operations’ Manager Stuart Christian asked for more volunteers and drivers, and made the point that some 70% of eople starting on teams think they can’t talk to young people, but always end up surprising themselves and find they have the heart of Jesus towards them.

Stuart thanked everyone for attending and for their generosity; also Simon and Frosty; and also St Clement’s for hosting for the third time running.