It is rare that I post a summary from Thurrock Leaders Prayer meetings.  But this morning was an unusual meeting, and because of it nature deserves a wider audience.

The meeting started with the lectionary reading for the day 1 Corinthians 3, As we read through this passage we were considering the Unity that had been shared at the retreat day as opposed to the heading in the NRSV chapter heading of “Divisions in the Corinthian Church” contrasted with the heading in The Passion Translation “A Call to Spiritual Maturity”

We were then challenged to consider the concept of only referring to our church as fellowship or congregation rather than church and reserve the term of church for the wider expression the body of Christ in an area and seeing the whole church as the expression Jesus in the area.  Some shared how they had been willing to giving away people to other congregations because they will be better served at this point.

Someone related Vera Harrold at the Pentecost meeting getting groups taking different coloured strands of wools and twisting them together producing a stronger cord but of a variety of colour as a expression of the Pray for unity.

Later a picture of tree was shared and that the tree is symbolic of the church with each branch being a congregation in the area and each being an expression is covering a new part of the borough.  Then the passage from John’s gospel we are pruned to bring fruit and fruit comes on new branches.

In closing we were reminded that the Week of Christian Unity is 18th – 25th of January.

May we pray for the unity of our church