Whole Hearted Living a Resounding Success

11 churches were represented on Saturday. The conference opened with a time of worship lead by Simon Winnicott, one of God’s minstrels, who gently lead the gathering into the tangible presence of God.

Rachel and Jamie Lee from Church of Christ the King, Plumstead, taught on living in Freedom and took people on a journey  walking delicately between the two extremes of it is all us and it is all God. They sort to equip everyone with principles and tools, which are restorative and joy-and-life producing, building life on priorities leading to a thriving lifestyle. Living Wholeheartedly and free, truly belonging and learning to live authentically and courageously without fear, shame or hopelessness. They drew on the research of Brené Brown giving some amazing insights into the nature of freedom (Galatians 5:1). 

The topics included; God Doesn’t Do Magic, How to cultivate Gratitude and Joy and Develop Resilience, Dreaming with God, Managing Ourselves for the long-run, and Walking out of shame.

The overwhelming feedback is that it was a day well spent