On Saturday Gateway Peoples Church hosted Roberts Liardon or Mr Historian as he is sometimes called due to the many books he has written on people in our christian heritage. Never the less as he said today we are called not live in the past but to learn from the past.

Roberts in the first session of the day spoke on revival and when revival comes it will

  • Changes things.
  • Not visitation but habituation.
  • Overflows into society.
  • Knowing how to keep growing in our situation.

He took as his reading Erza 9:9  and drew from this that GodRL-GPC

  • Gives a revival (new life).
  • Gives a place to live (house).
  • Gives the strength to be able to rebuild.
  • Gives protection (wall).

He emphasised that Christians in the first world are the ones that need to learn how to live as a missionaries now, not just people going to the third world

Then being a historian drew out the following points

  • British Empire took Christianity to the world.
  • Great Britain and USA have spent more money on the gospel than any other.
  • Sent our best to the mission field.
  • Created written language for many countries.
  • Translated Bible into those languages.

Then challenged those attending to consider how much has Great Britain done for so many countries in the world and to remember.

He then evaluated the current times and pointed out our own nations, Great Britain and USA have backslid and we need to learn how to be missionaries in our nations.

He next posed these questions. What are we going to do about? How are we going to deal with the problem?

  • What needs to be restored?
  • What needs to be reclaimed?
  • What needs to be resurrected?

This was explored in the remainder of the day.