Last Sunday evening (17 July), people from across the churches in the east of the borough gathered to pray for the Rock Thurrock project at St Margaret’s in Stanford-le-Hope for the monthly East Thurrock United Service.

This Friday evening, 22 July, Rock Thurrock Prayer will be at Aveley Christian Centre.

Last Sunday’s Rock Thurrock Prayer went as follows:

1. Welcome by Rev John Guest (bottom right, with Rob Groves)
2. Intro & opening prayer – Tim Harrold
PICT18923. Worship – John Gorham and band (right)

The song “Heal Our Nation” was particularly poignant, with the second verse:
Lord we hear Your Spirit, coming closer
A mighty wave to break upon our land
Bringing justice, and forgiveness
God we cry to You, ‘Revive us’

4.Colin Baker (centre photo, with John Burt)

Colin made mention of the dreams of waves that local people are having, and quoted from Isaiah 41:17-20. A wave of blessing is bringing refreshing to a dry and thirsty land – and people will see it and realise it’s a God thing.
Colin then showed a video highlighting the coming aspects of Rock Thurrock yet to unfold. He talked about the Bring A Friend scheme and the Celebration of Hope event oPICT1893n Friday 23 September and the two Rock Thurrock Events on 24/25 September. Everyone then broke into groups to pray.

5. Andy Blakey

Andy gave an empassioned plea for churches to release and raise up their young people into leadership, and to encourage them to go to the FM419 on 6/7 September at Grays United Reformed Church. Again, praying in groups was done.

6. Edwin Hughes

Edwin gave his testimony of how he came to be the originator of the Rock Thurrock vision, and that it came out of a burning desire to see young people across the borough empassioned and empowered in Christ to win their generation for Jesus. He showed a brilliant presentation that urged us to be part of this coming revolution of transformation.PICT18952

7. Colin talked about the need for finance and led in prayer.
8. Tim

… concluded the evening by talking about the wave dream he recently had and how he once witnessed the Severn Bore coming round the bend and towards him and then past – you could hear the river before you could see the wave. Referring to the Baal Perazim verse of 2 Samuel 5:20, and that The Message renders this as “The-Master-Who-Explodes”, and also to Isaiah 43:18-19 where it talks of God’s new thing ‘bursting out’, Tim urged people to let their faith rise and their vision to become expectant. He then prayed for a release of the Holy Spirit in transformational power on everyone there and across the borough.

9. Closing song – John and the band