The Rock Thurrock Team
Local Rock Thurrock Core Team

  • Team Leader – Colin Baker
  • Community Action Projects, Admin & Vision Starter – Edwin Hughes
  • Training & Follow-up Coordinator – Andy Blakey
  • Prayer – Frank Gaisie
  • Youth Prayer – Elle Rew, Steven Blakey & Hannah Lawton
  • Unite 31 liaison – Danny Sedano
  • Finance & Fundraising – Alex Day & Alan Field
  • Communications – Tim Harrold
  • Schools Liaison – Caroline Smith
  • Events’ Coordinator – Roy Edworthy
  • + Annemarie Day

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association team

  • Anita Darashah-Borman – Youth Ministries Project Manager BGEA UK
  • Ros Turner – PR, media, direct mail, fundraising, relational networking BGEA UK
  • Gary Cobb – Director of Training, BGEA
  • Will Graham – grandson of Billy Graham and son of BGEA President and CEO Franklin Graham, is the third generation to lead crusade events under the BGEA banner; presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ on 23/24/25 September at Thurrock Civic Hall
  • Brian Bennett – Head of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications BGEA UK

Christian Life & Witness Courses

  • living a lifestyle with Jesus at the centre
  • equipping of encouragers for The Events
  • witness & evangelism as a lifestyle and priority
  • mobilisation for September

PICT0117Community Action Projects

  • Edwin Hughes (coordinator)
  • young people to get involved
  • projects – decorating & gardening
  • Besom partnership
  • Purfleet clean-up, 16 July


  • Churched young people to sign up to training in friendship evangelism event
  • venue – Grays United Reformed Church
  • logistics
  • Chip Kendall (ex-bandwithnoname) – worship leader and MC

Schools Work Week (week leading up to The Events)

  • LZ7 – the band going into schools
  • Schools Liaison – Caroline Smith
  • Monday: The Grays School Media Arts College (central) – assembly & RE work
  • Tuesday: Hassenbrook (Stanford- east) – assembly & RE work
  • Wednesday: Gateway Academy (Chadwell/Tilbury – south) – assembly & RE work
  • Thursday: Palmers – 6th form college
  • Friday: Ormiston Park (Aveley – west) – assembly
  • other opportunities for schools’ work and wider evangelism in this week (e.g. EEI)

PICT0156Celebration of Hope

  • Bring A Friend / Operation Andrew schemes
  • encouragers
  • worship (still being arranged)
  • development of prayer team(s)
  • Will Graham & his message
  • logistics
  • BGEA events’ team
  • local Core Team event coordinator Roy Edworthy
  • salvation of adults

Rock Thurrock: The Events

  • Bring A Friend / Operation Andrew schemes
  • encouragers
  • 3 bands – LZ7 / Beautiful Remnant / Empire Nation
  • development of prayer team(s)
  • Will Graham & his message
  • logistics
  • BGEA events’ team
  • local Core Team event coordinator Roy Edworthy
  • salvation of young people


  • follow-up for new converts and new disciples
  • churched & to-be-churched young people
  • discipling from convert to participator in Christian life
  • disciplers – small group leaders
  • young leaders to emerge
  • churches continuing with good discipleship…

Further details about much of this can be found on other articles on this website.

Watch the Rock The UK video here, featuring Rock Thurrock’s own Steve Blakey…


Young People (Ezra 3:10-13)

  • Raise up a generation of Josiahs – rediscovering Jesus, living for Jesus, transforming society through Jesus
  • Bar’N’Bus outreach to young people on the streets of Thurrock
  • Unite 30/31 – quarterly united service for young people

Schools and colleges

  • Need for increased prayer in and for local educational establishments by adults and young people in small groups
  • Thurrock & Havering Schools Prayer Day on Saturday 1 October at Aveley Methodist Church 1.30-4.30pm
  • GSUS Live coming to borough in Sept./Nov. 2012

Unity of the Body (Psalm 133, John 17:20-23)

  • Thanksgiving for 40+ fellowships involved in Rock Thurrock
  • Need to maintain unity beyond Rock Thurrock
  • Thurrock Day of Prayer on Saturday 22 October
  • All churches Alpha Thrust 2012
  • Olympics / More Than Gold thrust 2012

Healing of the Land (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  • Repentance of sin
  • From ‘filthy’ to fresh – Holy Spirit cleansing and redeeming of the land
  • The geographical, historical and spiritual strategic significance of Thurrock

Redeeming our Communities (Isaiah 41:17-20)

  • The broken, the hurt, the distressed, the poor, the fatherless, the motherless, the abused, the pressured, the suffering, the lost, the least and the last
  • Thurrock Council, including believers on both sides of the political divide
  • Emergency and health services
  • Revival along the Thames Gateway region into London and across the UK