Last night’s Rock Thurrock event saw many more people – mainly young people – respond to the gospel message brought by Will Graham and Lindz of LZ7.

At the second of the two Rock Thurrock main events on Sunday 25 September, the attendance was in the region of 650. Approximately 120 of these responded to the call to come to Jesus Christ, almost 20% of those gathered.

The figures for the entire weekend – including Friday night’s Celebration of Hope – were an over all attendance of nearly 2000 (of course, some of those people came more than once). There were nearly 320 responses made, which is about 16% of the amount of people who came. This is a much higher response rate than the BGEA normally see at their festivals.

And some 75% or so of those who responded were between the ages of 10 and 18.

To God be the glory!

IMG07952Hannah Lawton and Caroline Smith of the Rock Thurrock core team have spent the whole week chaperoning LZ7 around the borough’s schools. Here they are preparing the LZ7 merchandise stall, selling tee shirts and CDs.


Empire Nation, the band with one Ed and three Sams, get the kids rocking

PICT22982At the front, over the far side, a local vicar gets into some heavy mosh action.


The crowd got bigger as the evening went on.

PICT2302Will Graham on stage. Evidently relaxed, he joked with the audience before getting into the main thrust of his message, which was about finding and knowing God’s purpose for your life.


Many come forward to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts.

PICT2304Colin Baker, core team leader of Rock Thurrock, announces the follow-up – the adult and youth Velocity courses which start in the first week of October and which will be held in venues across the borough.


LZ7 do their thang!

PICT2307Lead singer Lindz makes another appeal, with Will leading the young people in prayer.


The merchanidise stalls in the foyer are busy afterwards.

PICT23092One very happy Edwin Hughes enjoying the afterglow of a successful three nights. It was to Edwin that God gave the whole Rock Thurrock vision in the first place…


Lindz from LZ7 gives the camera a cheeky nod. Lots of autograph hunters and people wanting their photographs taken with the group queued up for some time after the event. LZ7 had given their all visiting four secondary schools – Grays, Hassenbrook, Gateway and Ormiston – and Palmer’s College during the week, performing in assemblies and lunchtime concerts, and taking lessons, buildings a great rapport with local young people. It was this relationship that was a major aspect of Rock Thurrock’s success.

PICT23122The Co-Labour team go through all the response forms afterwards at Grays United Reformed Church. This is Danny Sedano, Youth & Community Worker with the Grays Team Ministry, pouring over the statistics. It’s 11pm.

PICT23132Edwin Hughes, Colin Baker and Abraham Bamgbose study the response forms. It’s about 11.30pm.

PICT23142Rosemary Pritchard, Anita Darashah-Borman and Alex Day fight off the late-night post-event delirium. It’s about 11.59pm.
Andy Blakey got home at 3am!

A lady from the Castle Point area near Southend has sent this encouragement:

I couldn’t get over to Rock Thurrock, but I was praying at home and wanted to share with you what I felt the Lord was showing me when I was praying during the event last night.

First that there were two large angels standing one each side of all the people attending last night. The people were quite tightly squashed between the the angels because there wasn’t a lot of space between the two angels. They were very big and they had pokers and were poking the people, like people used poke a fire to get rid of all the ash so that the fire would burn better & hotter.

Then Will Graham was like a wind that blew over the fire and suddenly the flames leaped up like they would when a fire has petrol poured on it.

There was the beacon! Seen by many. Its light was great, lighting up a large area. Then suddenly there were like canon balls of fire that went out in lots of directions – into Kent, northwards, northeast, south, all around.

I was left with the feeling that Rock Thurrock is of far greater significance in the spirit realm than anyone might think, especially looking on maybe in the natural.

Well done all of you for your obedience to the Word of the Lord and for carrying all that through with Him. I believe that the repercussions will be great and all for the good.

And now the real work of follow-up and discipleship begins…

Velocity courses for adults and young people begin on Monday 3 October. Venues will be published soon.

You are invited to…
Rock Thurrock Thanksgiving
Friday 30 September
Thameside 2
3rd Floor of Thameside Theatre/Grays Library complex
Orsett Road

  • if you were involved in Rock Thurrock, or came to the events, or found Christ there – then you are invited!
  • there will be a time of worship led by Neil Frost
  • Colin Baker and others will be saying thanks to God and to all those who helped during the Rock Thurrock project
  • buffet available – so please let us know if you wish to come so we can cater for you