from Caroline Smith of Fresh Hope Community and the Rock Thurrock Core Team

IMGP4299Friday 15 July was a fantastic night at the Corringham Centre (Thurrock Christian Fellowship) when over 100 people came to watch gospel group Soul Revival (right) and other artists sing and dance in a fundraising event for Rock Thurrock.

Kayzar dance troupe, all under 11 years of age, performed some thrilling street dance numbers.

Slow Lorris (below right) got the crowd going with their inimitable folk style music and Charlie Bird & Dave Cooke performed some beautiful duets.

IMG0327Debbie Spice (left) blew the house away with her consummate performances of Bob Dylan’s classic confession of faith, I Believe In You, plus Ave Maria, El Shaddai, I Dreamed A Dream, Memories and I Will Give My Love An Apple. Debbie also MC’ed the entire evening with impeccable professionalism.

Suzanne Smith performed an awesome version of The Rose, backed by Rachel Hattingh and Debbie Spice and Lynn Warren beautifully signed to Pure Light by Matt Redman.

Soul Revival rocked with their versions of Bridge Over Troubled Water, Love Can Build A Bridge, Lean On Me, Hallelujah and Shackles amongst others.

IMG0328Everybody has said what a wonderful night of entertainment it was and Colin Baker’s 15 minute Rock Thurrock presentation ensured people were aware of the upcoming events.

£600 was raised for raised for the Rock Thurrock project.

Soul Revival would like to thank TCF for allowing us to use their venue, and Dave Wright for filming the entire event, also to everyone who supported the event to ensure its success.