Financially, there are great opportunities for the churches of Thurrock to partner with our ministry to Thurrock’s poorest and to provide support for Christians working for the Debt Centre.  David is looking to expand his CAP weekly days to three and, should an additional Debt Coach be appointed, then it may well be necessary to fund some or all of their support and expenses too.

You can give to the CAP Thurrock Debt Centre itself which covers the cost of:

  • CAP’s Central Casework Team supporting our clients
  • CAP Thurrock’s operational expenses, such as printing, events, expenses for workers
  • £150 provides for a household to be supported until they are debt free or for as long as they need CAP’s help

You can give to David Acreman to support him and his family for the days he works as Debt Centre Manager and Debt Coach:

  • David is a registered recipient with Stewardship, who have set up a support fund for his ministry.  You can support him by making gifts to Stewardship for his fund. Where applicable, the value of your gifts may be increased by use of Gift Aid (worth 25% if you are a UK taxpayer).
  • (Link to David’s Stewardship giving page)
  • £330 per month supports a Debt Coach for one day’s work per week – including travel costs

For the full Thurrock CAP fact sheet click here

Thurrock Cap, 01/04/2019