Thank you for the opportunity to provide Kindle’s to the following People

Here are some of the people these devices will be helping

  • CC – CC lives on her own in a flat in Grays. She has been attending the Gardening club on a Tuesday morning and has been granted special access on a one to one basis with our Gardening manager. Pre lockdown CC volunteered at a charity shop in Grays and attended the Wellbeing Centre at TB mind. CC has felt isolated, she doesn’t have a mobile phone and has one person who phones her – her sister. CC likes to read but hasn’t been able to use the library.
    Outcome  – I believe that CC will use the Kindle to attend Zoom classes and to download books from Thurrock Libraries reading scheme.
  • GW – GW lives alone in Grays. Pre Lockdown GW was an avid member of the Stepping Stones Garden Project at TB Mind. Since lockdown has taken place, GW has been at home, leaving the house once a week to visit the supermarket. GW has a mobile phone but was not confident using Zoom as the screen isn’t big enough. After stating he was coping, GW contacted me recently to tell me he was struggling with the isolation he was feeling.
    Outcome – I believe that GW will use the Kindle to attend Zoom meetings with The Wellbeing Group this will help increase his social inclusion.
  • DN – DN lives alone in South Ockendon. Due to illness he can no longer work and has a computer that doesn’t work which he cannot afford to replace. He has been interested in joining the Zoom group at TB Mind but hasn’t had the equipment to do so.
    Outcome – I believe that DN will benefit from having the use of a kindle, he will be able to access the Wellbeing Zoom. Thurrock Library’s book scheme and the opportunity to research his hobby of photography.
  • PB – Phil lives with his brother in Grays, he was an active member of the Wellbeing Group pre covid. PB misses the group and would love the opportunity to attend the Zoom classes to increase his social inclusion.
    Oucome – I believe that PB will benefit greatly from the use of a kindle. He sadly lost his father in 2020 and it has been hard for him. The support of the Zoom will help PB and also prepare PB for when we return to classes later this year in person.
  • DE  – DE lives alone in Grays. DE was an active member of the Wellbeing group but hasn’t been able to use Zoom on his phone. He is a keen sports fan. He recently had an accident in his car and this has left him not confident to drive his car – so he only makes car journeys if they are essential.
    Outcome  – I believe that DE would benefit from the use of a kindle as he can attend the Zoom sessions at TB Mind. He would also be able to facetime his family and friends. He can also learn to access You tube and watch sporting events from the past.
  • GW – GW was an active member of the Wellbeing Group and the Stepping Stones Garden Project. He lives alone in Grays and has expressed his dislike of not being able to attend the groups. He has been leaving the house once a week to do his food shop. GW is unable to read.
    Outcome – we have spoken to GW’s uncle who cares for him and he will help GW to learn how to Zoom. This will give GW confidence to use the kindle to access the Zoom.
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