Collated by Tim Harrold and Andy Blakey… from the four prayer walls at the Pentecost: Power to the People! event held at St Cedd’s, Stifford Clays on Pentecost Sunday 25 May 2015

Kingdom Culture

  • Pent prayer 1You are building a visible body. A city on a hill that cannot be hidden bring the life and light of your kingdom into the heart of our community
  • Deeper expression of the gifts of the Spirit in you, church ↔ abound in love for You and this community (see photo on right)
  • Lead us Lord in your way – make your way plain
  • Communication, coordination, calling to make a difference in our land
  • Come Lord unite us
  • “Where there is unity the Lord commands blessing” – let us join together, church, and work together and see God’s blessing all over Thurrock

Kingdom Community

  • Prepare your people, Lord, for your mighty outpouring of your Holy Spirit
  • Thank you, thank you for your favour. We are seeing it. Lord keep us foucused and see you more and more moving shaping building your Kingdom through the love and kindness we show
  • Stepping out as God leads, not holding back
  • Where brothers dwell in unity… there He will command His blessing
  • Favour of God
  • Father, help us renew our minds! To know who we are and do great exploits in your name!
  • Open our eyes, Lord, to see those new doors you are opening to us. Help us to walk through them and take procession of our land for you. You are a God of possibilities – help us to be people who see possibilities.
  • Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard the things that God can do through us when we come together in unity. Who are we to limit his work?
  • New vision, especially at St Mary’s, Little Thurrock, to go with newly furnished building
  • Baal Perezim! The Lord breaks through

Kingdom EconomyPent prayer 3

  • Raise up a people who love justice and mercy, living it out in their daily lives and touching our community for you
  • Psalm 68:6a – God set the lonely in families
  • I give you keys (see photo)
  • Remind us, Lord, that we are stewards, not owners, of resources. Amen
  • Flying like eagles to bring release
  • God of justice and mercy, your court is highest to appeal: Mercy over Judgement

Kingdom Identity

  • No commendation! No Guilt! No shame!
  • No longer slaves, now sons of the most high God
  • Unpunishable! Totally forgiven! No more guilt, complete freedom…
  • To be the person God has in mind (Amen to that)
  • “I am a new creation, no more in commendation.” Praise the Lord
  • Freedom to grow into the person God called you be (predestined you to be), whilst making new friends to walk with you
  • The veil has been torn into two. We now have direct access to you. To know you that we may be strong and do great exploits!
  • God knows! The length; the breadth; the depth; the might of his love for us! Teach us this Lord that we may show it to others through our lives with Jesus

Pent prayer 2