from Edwin Hughes at Grays Baptist Church

MONDAY 12 JULY @ 7:30
Orsett Road Grays, RM17 5HH

Anita Darashah-Borman, Youth Project Manager of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, will be making a presentation and answering questions about their Epicentre programme.


All churches in the borough are welcome to attend this meeting and to register their interest, to join the small group of churches that have already met and agreed in principal to proceed in bringing this program into reality for Thurrock.

Obviously we would like to encourage as many of the boroughs churches as possible to join this project and ensure it’s success. This is a unique opportunity for all churches to unite together and partner with a major world ministry to develop the youth within our churches to become leaders and to reach out to those that are currently lost to the Lord.

To provide an enduring legacy not just for our local churches but for this borough for many years to come. It also offers a God given opportunity to establish the principal of Transformation Thurrock in unifying the borough’s churches for kingdom purpose.

Most major world ministries would normally come into the country to do big town events with little or no partnership with the local churches. BGEA seem to have taken a bold step in wanting to partner with local united church groups in any part of the country. Surely an opportunity that should not be discarded lightly.

If you have an interest in attending this meeting to find out more about the project or to register your interest in joining with us please send an e-mail to Edwin Hughes at Anita would like to know as many questions that people might have in advance so that she can give the most comprehensive answers possible.

Details of the Epicentre programme follow. If after reading these you have any detailed questions you would like to have answered at the meeting please email this to Edwin by 8 July so Anita will have time to read and draft a response.


Epicentre is an innovative evangelistic programme being launched in the UK for the first time by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

The vision for Epicentre is to reach young people with the message of Jesus through the local church, to bring them into a living relationship with Him, and to empower them to build a generation of young people whose lives are full of zeal for Jesus.

To encourage young people to have a long-term commitment to Jesus, the BGEA believes that young people need long-term support and a strong church community. Epicentre is a seven-phase programme that brings local churches and the BGEA together for approximately 10 months to engage, challenge, and minister to both Christian and non-Christian youth.

The Epicentre programme has already proven to be a great success with towns and communities across Canada and the BGEA in the UK is keen to see the Epicentre programme have the same or an even greater level of impact across our nation.

The impact of Epicentre on a community of young people long continues even after the programme has completed the final phase. Church leaders from previous Epicentre cities have seen stronger relationships between churches across the community, and local businesses have continued to come together for the common good of seeing the youth in their communities impacted in a positive way.

The Steam Room: Church leaders invite youth from their congregations that exhibit gifts of leadership, to attend group and one-on-one training sessions about leadership and evangelism, and exercise their gifts throughout Epicentre. The Steam Room, stokes up the young people and gets them passionate about servant-hood and leadership. The Steam Room helps local churches develop young leaders that can support and grow existing ministries to reach young non-believers when Epicentre is over.

Tremor: During the whole of the Epicentre programme churches are asked to love their local community by serving with practical and tangible service projects. The love of Jesus is a massive life changing message. Tremor projects will vibrate a local community, the after shock being a community that has been changed into a better place to live.

Explosion: A one night event for the town Churches, which will inspire and burst open hearts with a passion to tell others about Jesus. Through worship and stirring teaching the young people will be empowered to share the message of Jesus with their friends, to re-focus their lives on Him, and to participate in Epicentre. The wider church will be envisioned to lift up the young people of the town in prayer, throughout the Epicentre programme.

Underground: A phase which goes “Underground” and teaches Christian young people the foundations to the Christian faith. During the Underground sessions, the young people will examine their faith, author their own personal story, and learn how to connect with their friends to effectively talk about Jesus.

Earth-Quake: An exciting opportunity for the young people from the local churches, to invite their friends to join them in exploring the Christian faith. The sessions may be taken over a weekend, and involve modules that are activity-based, mini-concerts, dynamic presentations, bible teaching and discussions.

Ignition: A top quality evening, with vibrant music, well led youth-worship and a life-changing spiritual message. Ignition is the perfect place for participants of The Steam Room and Underground phases to take on “event” support roles. Young people from across the local community are invited to come to this event where they will be presented with the gospel message, and given make a decision for Christ and live a life following Him.

Momentum: This phase is an incredible opportunity for young people to become really bold and audacious for Jesus. Travelling to a developing country, the young people will take part in a short term missions project, empowering others to shake their community with the love of Jesus.

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