From the January 2011 edition of the Bar’N’Bus newsletter…

PICT17722From Stuart Christian, Operations Manager of Bar’N’Bus
In this edition of the Bar’N’Bus newsletter I should be reporting on the new bus, showing you pictures of the inside and telling you how the new bus has helped to develop the work in Thurrock. However the last three months have been a difficult time. The new bus’s refurbishment suffered a major setback when the company we used to carry out the majority of the refurbishment went into liquidation. Not only did this leave us with a bus 60% completed, but we also lost some of the money for the refurbishment – and it looks unlikely that we can recover this lost amount. To save money we have had to carry out the rest of the work ourselves which means the whole process takes longer. This setback has added about 3 months to the schedule in getting the new bus ready to be used. However we do hope to have the bus ready by the end of January – so please pray.

The cold weather and the snow in December has also taken it toll on the bus work. We managed only two evenings in December because snow and icy roads meant it was too dangerous to take the bus out. Some teams also struggled to get enough team members because of the cold weather.

The two remaining buses have also had to have a number of repairs, more than we budget for, so funds have become quite low recently.

However, we are still here to carry on God’s work and each week and each time a team goes out, it does make a difference to the lives of young people. Please pray that as we start a new year, Bar’N’Bus, local churches, team members, prayer partners and supporters will all see God change the lives of young people in a powerful way. Serving God is never easy and often means making sacrifices. Remember that we need to dream the dreams and live out the visions and have the faith to stand firm when the going gets tough. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

BarnBusGrays2Grays Beach (Tuesday)
Some of the young people that come to the bus have recently shared issues of bullying with the team and the team are looking into how best they can help them.

West Thurrock (Wednesday)
Currently the team are really struggling with having enough team members for the bus to open and have had to resort to opening up every other week. Please pray that they have more people join the team or if you are willing/able to get involved please get in touch. It is a crucial time for the team as they are just starting to make real progress in building and helping the young people that currently come to the bus. It has been challenging but with challenge comes reward.

barnbus5Corringham Town Centre (Thursday)
The team still continue to go out on a Wednesday night until the new bus is ready. Because of this they don’t get as many young people as on a Thursday and most of these are male. However there are still opportunities to reach out. Recently one of the local churches took a trip to Kosovo and took one of the young people with them. It was a life changing experience for the young person who said on his return that he must learn the language because he wants to return.

(Meanwhile at Rayleigh… Back in October the Rayleigh bus team was 10 years old. It was good to see some old faces as some previous team members came along for a night of celebration. Legacy (the Fresh Expression skateboard youth centre at Benfleet) brought along some extra equipment and Ruth Nanny Bar’N’Bus Neville cut the cake. Many lives have been changed by the bus in Rayleigh, please pray that this will continue.)

Job Opportunity
We are currently looking for a Project Manager to work on a part-time basis (18 hours) to help run the Bar’N’Bus Trust. If you are interested please contact the office or visit our website for more details.

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PICT1686Fundraising Curry Night
Monday 28th February 2011
The Tandoori Parlour
Hart Road, Thundersley
seat between 7 & 8.00pm
Tickets £12
(under 16s £8)
includes all you can eat buffet
English dishes available
Money raised will go towards Bus Team Running Costs
Call 01268 793331 or email for tickets

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