Cinnamon Faith Audit logofrom Andy Blakey

As at Tuesday 23 February 2015, Thurrock’s Cinnamon Faith Action Audit was 50% complete.

Of the 42 fellowships that are participating, 21 have completed their audit, while 21 have yet to do so.

According to the Cinnamon Trust, Thurrock has one of the highest response rates compared to other boroughs and area. But we would like to see every one of those 42 churches get their Audits finished. Andy is happy to help anyone struggling with the questions finish the forms – either over the phone or with a personal visit. So if you’re a leader of one of those churches, please get in touch!

What is the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit?
Many faith communities are undertaking really good work often are modest when it comes to their own achievements and sometimes struggle to find ways of working together with other groups. The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit project is all about highlighting the community-focused, social action work that faith groups do.

Thurrock Faith Matters and Transformation Thurrock have been partnering in promoting this Audit.

We are hoping to map all the social action provision undertaken by faith groups in Thurrock.

How is the Audit being actioned?
This is being done using an online survey which has been promoted and supported by members of Thurrock Faith Matters. Faith-based projects which are eligible for inclusion in the survey include formal and less formal projects in the community and especially focus on outward community-facing work. The projects included in the surveys may be led by paid staff or volunteers, and maybe large or small-scale.

With the information from the Audit, we will be able to see exactly what faith groups offer the community. Thurrock Faith Matters will have the facts at their fingertips to prove how extensive their collective work is to Local Authorities, the police and other agencies. They will also be able to spot trends in provision and connect with other groups providing similar or complementary projects.

Thurrock has been successful in becoming one of only fifty local authority area that will be able to undertake this audit.

The Audit has been actioned throughout January and February, and is scheduled to finish at the end of February.

The results of Faith Audits undertaken across the nation will be made public on 20 May at an event in London with the Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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