Tim Harrold

TLP Pancake 1On Tuesday 9 February 2016, the TLP gathered for an extraordinary day to worship together, pray, get some teaching, and discuss some stuff. Oh, and eat pancakes!

This day was made possible by the cancelling of a New Wine Refreshing Day in St George’s, New Thundersley, and it turned out to be a significant day not just for those who were there, but for the church of Thurrock – and anything that is significant for the church is significant for the land and the community where it is planted!

There was a timetable for the day, but that was very quickly thrown out the window by the Holy Spirit. So this is how the day ended up looking, with very approximate times:

  • 10-10.30am arrive
  • 10.30am – worship and prophetic words
  • 11.20am – introductions
  • 11.30am – teaching
  • 12pm – discussion
  • 12.30pm – prayer + ministry (with music)
  • 1.15pm – Pancakes!
  • 2.15pm – end

Attending were (in alphabetical order):

  • TLP Pancake 2David Bareham – Community Church
  • Andy Blakey – All Saints’ Centre (TCF), Grays
  • Celia Brockhurst – St Erkenwald’s, Barking (Thurrock resident)
  • Dennis Brockhurst – St Erkenwald’s, Barking (Thurrock resident)
  • Alex Day – assistant pastor Aveley Christian Centre
  • Tolu Falase – Community Church
  • Lydia Field – pastor, Aveley Christian Centre
  • Chris Ford – warden, St Catherine’s, East Tilbury & Foodbank
  • Kim Ford – St Catherine’s, East Tilbury & Foodbank
  • Frank Gaisie – pastor, Destiny Chapel, South Ockendon
  • Russell Godward – TCF, in transition to partnership with Movements.net
  • Tim Harrold – Transformation Thurrock: facilitation
  • Deb Hendery – Community Church: worship
  • Rev Andy Higgs – St Cedd’s, Stifford Clays & St Mary’s, North Stifford
  • Rev Bob Love (retired) – St Cedd’s, Stifford Clays
  • Rev Rosemary Pritchard – former Methodist minister in Thurrock en route to Burkina Faso via Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Maggie Watts – Grays Methodist Church & Open The Book

Apologies were sent from Colin Baker & Ashley Lovett (they were at an Area Baptist Church event) & Roy Edworthy (at Besom day).

Words and pictures given out of the worship time

  • Celia spoke about a river flowing through the TLP gathering (the presence of the Lord was certainly tangible at various points in the day)
  • Dennis talked about match held to each of us, to ignite within us (once more) a passion for the Lord and the gifts of the Spirit
  • Frank mentioned the miraculous floating axehead in 2 Kings 6 and added, “You haven’t seen anything yet!” citing the Day of Pentecost outpouring and consequences described in Acts 2:39-42
  • Kim had a vision of bibles being sold in every shop across Thurrock as an image of the Word coming into every home and the Holy Spirit into every heart

TLP Pancake 3Outline of talk by David Bareham

Presence – seven seasons, seven temples

  1. The Garden – Genesis 1
  2. The Tabernacle – Exodus 25
  3. The Temple of Solomon – 2 Chronicles 7
  4. The Temple of Nehemiah – Ezra 3
  5. The Messiah – John 1
  6. The Church – Acts 2
  7. The New Jerusalem – Revelation 21

Thurrock Pentecost 2016 and 5-Fold Ministry conversation highlights:

  • an event where church leaders stand together in front of whole church of Thurrock declare unity, friendship and purpose
  • this is an acting out of the release of the 5-fold gifts (Ephesians 4:11) and unity in the body
  • some will try to stop the building of the city walls, as in Nehemiah’s day
  • we can’t cajole people, but we can gather people around vision of mission
  • the statement of purpose must reflect what are we going to do for the kingdom
  • we’re not creating another meeting in another building or place but releasing Kingdom vision to the people
  • the TLP (formerly GLP) has been going for 14 years: it is a many-faceted entity in which our gifts can be encouraged and developed to bring the church to maturity (Ephesians 4:12)
  • advertise the Pentecost as the church gathering together
  • Lydia: God is putting a song in our hearts, so practice being in tune: we’re in more unity than disunity than we think, so let our harmonious singing rise and, like waves, pick up momentum as we go along
  • date agreed as Saturday 14 May
  • time and venue not agreed as yet
  • Tim: “Build it and they will come” i.e., don’t worry about numbers, just be obedient
  • it was agreed that we should have TLP days like this one once a quarter (using days already marked as breakfasts)

Concluding words, pictures and prophetic actions

  • Andy B brought the image of the armada of boats that sailed to Dunkirk in World War 2 to save the soldiers stranded there – it doesn’t matter what the size is of your vessel, as long as you go, because then people can still get saved
  • Rosemary encouraged us to contact every Christian group in borough about what’s happened and been agreed
  • Bob placed a bible open at Ephesians 4 in the middle of the floor and encouraged us to take the ministry gifts that the Lord is handing out

…and then Chris and Dennis cooked pancakes!

Thanks to Lydia and Alex for hosting us at Aveley Christian Centre.

TLP Pancake 4