This is an initiative aimed at bringing together prayer warriors and prophetic intercessors with a big picture vision and bird’s eye view for the boroughwide church and the kingdom of God in a network regardless of churchmanship.

Thurrock Watchmen’s formation was provoked in Spring 2017 by the rediscovery of a prayer for Thurrock written by Tim Harrold of Transformation Thurrock on a ‘wailing wall’ at a 24-7 Prayer week in 2007 – it re-emerged from two separate sources on successive days. At around the same time, Roy Edworthy (also of Transformation Thurrock) was reminded of a long-held vision for a boroughwide prayer network under the title Watchmen.

Started in June 2017, Thurrock Watchmen is a new wave of prayer for the borough that will be expressed through regular gatherings in church buildings, in the marketplace and on the land, and connectivity through social media.

The wave of Thurrock Watchmen follows on previous cross-denominational waves of prayer such as Prayer For Thurrock in the 1990s, Gatekeepers of the Gateway in the 2000s, and Transformation Thurrock Prayer in the early 2010s.

Thurrock Watchmen aspires to:

  • be free-flowing with simultaneous worship, prayer and the prophetic taking place continuously
  • have an open mic to share dreams, visions and pictures through relationship and mutual trust
  • provide a safe place to share and make mistakes
  • create ‘open heaven’ times and places that shift the atmosphere over the borough