4BThe new Bar’N’Bus bus has at last been painted in the trademark graffiti style that the old bus was so very recognisable for.

Professional urban artist Scott Irvine aka Brave One (and his mate) did the work and according to Project Manager Stu Christian, “It looks pretty good”.

Both sides have been painted and the front and back should be completed in August, Stu said.

On the door side (right) there is a word painted along the bottom which says “TRUTH”.

On the other side (below left) is a picture of a girl who has a bit of a double personality – she’s half bad and half good.

4DThe right hand side of her face has a small horn and that side of her head is surrounded by darkness. The left hand side of her face has a halo and an angel wing, and that side of her head is surrounded by light. The amount of light is greater than the amount of dark. Around her neck is a cross necklace.

Grays Beach Team Leader Gary Jones let Transformation Thurrock have his interpretation of this allegorical image.

“I see this as a place of choice,” he said, “to choose light or dark. The cross around the neck is how you make the transition from Dark to Light”.

Bar’N’Bus across Thurrock
Stu told Transformation Thurrock that “Things are ticking along nicely, and the Grays (Tuesday) and 4FCorringham (Thursday) teams are doing well and making good progress. West Thurrock (Wednesday) are struggling a little for team members and drivers and are currently out every other week. Some of the kids are being a little difficult but hey that’s who we are here for. The Corringham team needs more drivers also.”

If you would like to volunteer to be part of a Bar’N’Bus Team or a driver, then please contact Stu via the Bar’N’Bus website (see below for link). All working with Bar’N’Bus are asked for references from their church and must be CRB checked.

52The Bar’N’Bus Trust – restructuring
Stu also told us a bit about new changes about to come to the office in Benfleet where Bar’N’Bus is based.

“Bar’N’Bus are just about to employ a Project Director starting in September. They will be responsible for leading the direction of the project and setting up new teams. We also have new trustees just starting and some of the old ones moving on including Chairman Phil Pavitt so I sense a real change of direction. The new direction will still be about reaching out using buses but perhaps in a different model/format to what we currently use. We will have to wait and see, but I feel that Bar’N’Bus can move forward.”