from Stuart Christian, Operations Manager at the Bar’N’Bus Trust

PICT17722PICT1778Just to let you know that last Wednesday (30 June), when the bus was leaving the police compound in Tilbury Docks (where the bus is kept), it hit one of the parked lorries. Some damage was done along the driver’s side – there were three broken windows and the back door was damaged.

All the damage has now been repaired apart from replacing the windows, which should be done by Tuesday next week (6 July).

No-one was injured, damage was slight although the broken glass made a right mess.

Stuart temporarily patched up the windows so the bus could make it’s scheduled appearance at the Stanford Festival on Sunday (4 July, where the pictures were taken).

… and Tim Harrold, Thurrock Teams’ Co-ordinator

PICT1774Thurrock’s Bar’N’Bus looked a bit battered but not broken as it appeared at the Stanford Festival. But Phil Anderson was able to get the bus to its pride of place where it stood all day.

Please pray for Georgette Polley who was driving the bus at the time of the accident, on her way to the car park behind Cowdray Hall along London Road in West Thurrock.She was understandably shaken, but not hurt.

Please pray for Stuart as well who has suffered some ill health recently.

The damage to the bus obviously needs paying for. If you’d like to donate towards this, please contact Stuart on

PICT1775Thurrock actually needs an entire new bus. Again, if you’d like to personally donate towards this, then please contact Stuart. If you are aware of grants for the local area that can be applied for, please send details to

Thank you.

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