GL VOL 1On Saturday evening (19 January 2013), a party was held for GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 volunteers.

About 30 of the volunteers who helped with last autumn’s GSUS LIVE project got together for a bit of a shindig.

The event was held at Victoria Road Cahpel in Stanford-le-Hope, which is now occupied by Fresh Hope Community (FHC), the ‘fresh expression’ church plant of St Margarets.

Excitement was palpable at the prospect of the plethora of pork pie. pizza and pastries and the selection of scrumtious sausage rolls, munchable muffins and Costco cakes.

FREDFHC’s Rob Groves, who is also the local Community Evangelist, and Transformation Thurrock’s Tim Harrold, made short speeches thanking those assembled for their generous voluntary involvement in the many aspects of GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012, and giving a quick update on the progress of the WAY.4WD discipleship hubs in three of the schools that GSUS LIVE visited (Hassenbrook, St Clere’s and Grays) with the possibility of one more (which the unit did not visit, but some of their students responded to LZ7’s message at the After Party). Please read the accompanying article for an update.

Present were members of the technical crew who spent each Friday night of the project packing down and putting up the GSUS LIVE unit; some of the teams of presenters who fronted the sessions in the schools; some of the stewards at the GSUS LIVE After Party; and someone from the After Party catering team.

Picture show the Sears family from TCF Grays (above) and Fred from St Cedds in Stifford Clays (left) from the Technical Crew enjoying the culinary delights on offer throughout the evening.