PICT15822Malc Mackinnon has come third in The Krypton Factor 2010. Millions watched as ‘The Old Grey Bloke’ won the Observation round in the final shown on ITV1 last Tuesday evening (9 March).

In the first round – a very tricky Intelligence test – Malc struggled, and in the Assault Course round he came last, saying, “It was like being in a greyhound race, except I was the St Bernard!” In the final quick fire General Knowledge round, he almost crept into second place, but was PICT1584pipped at the post. However, after the Observation round Malc had the second highest Krypton Factor in the UK for a few minutes!

Malc spoke to Transformation Thurrock.

TT: So, Malc – you have the third highest Krypton Factor in the land – do we offer commiseration or congratulations?

MM: A bit of bPICT15922oth maybe – if this was the Olympics, I would have got the bronze medal, which is good – on the other hand, if this was the X-Factor, I would have been Stacey, which possibly isn’t so good!

TT: What was the pressure like in the final?

MM: There wasn’t much pressure once I’d lost the first round (knowing I’d already lost the assault course too).  In a way it gave me a reason just to go for it and not PICT16012worry for the Observation and General Knowledge.  Again, the audience helped make it fun.

TT: Once again, it was tortoise and hare, and the Old Grey Bloke came kind of respectable at the end. Were you happy with the outcome?

MM:  I was pretty happy at the end.  It was nice to have won a round in PICT15692the final – in fact we each won a round.  I’m not sure whether it was better to come third by five points or second by one point.  I think I gave them a run for their money.

TT: What was the hardest round this time?

MM: Definitely the Mental Agility!  None of us could believe how hard it was.  Unfortunately, they coped with it better than I did – it’s still giving me sleepless nights now!

TT: How did not coming last feel?

MM: I wasn’t too bothered about coming last.  My main hope was that I wouldn’t come last by miles.  It’s actually strange that the guy leading into the final round ended up last.  But it was all very close – at one stage we were all separated by just three points.

DSC00317TT: What happened to your guests – we could see Donna in the audience, but what happened to Tim, Gareth, Sarah and your brother Ian?

MM: There was a bit of a mix up with timings and queues.  Some of my guests mistakenly joined the Celebrity Mr and Mrs queue (at least, I hope it was mistakenly) and then the Production team brought the start
forward.  But the above-mentioned guests, with a few others, got to watch PICT16122it in a private room with sandwiches and champagne!

TT: What reaction have you had to your Krypton Factor exploits? Has it surprised you in anyway?

MM: The reaction has been amazing and yes, it has surprised me.  Everyone seems very supportive and it seems to have generated a lot of good feeling.  I think it’s such a well-known and respected programme that PICT16162everyone has fond memories of it.

TT: Over all, how would you sum up your Krypton Factor experience?

MM:  It’s been great fun and I’ve surprised myself.  I always believe that if you commit yourself to God then He will surprise you by showing what you are capable of with His help.

PICT16222TT: Did you always feel it was about representing Christ in public, or was it just about a personal challenge?

MM: To be honest, I saw it as a personal challenge, but one that I hoped would give me a natural platform to share my faith.

TT: What lessons has the journey to and back from the planet of Krypton taught you, personally, about Jesus in your life, and DSC00331Superman?

MM: Not sure I completely understand the question, but the experience has continued to encourage me to have the faith to try things.  I once heard someone preach “attempt great things for God, expect great things from God” – the idea being that you can’t really expect much if you don’t attempt much, and also that God really does help those who step out in faith.
TT: What message would you like to send to all your fans and fellow Old Grey Blokes out there across Thurrock, the UK, the US, and the world?

MM: I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for them pesky meddling kids with their fitness and their mental agility!  Come on old blokes, let’s see someone even older than me in next year’s final – it just goes to show that it can be done!

TT: Well, Malc, we at Transformation Thurrock would really like to congratulate you on coming third in the final and for simply having a go.

Pictures top to bottom:

  • Malc at the start of the show
  • Exasperation in the Intelligence Test
  • Exuberance on winning the Observation round
  • Host Ben Shepherd announces Malc’s round winning score
  • Old Grey Bloke fans go wild in the studio audience
  • Gareth & Sarah Marsh and other friends in the green room watching the show being made
  • Malc finishes a wearying Assault Course
  • Malc at the end of the show
  • Malc’s wife Donna feels the tension in the studio audience
  • Donna chats with Ben Shepherd afterwards
  • Malc, Ben & Donna pose for the cameras. KP 2010 Champ Pete is in the background

Missed Malc in the Krypton Factor 2010 final?
You can see it on www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=126155&r=true

Interview by Michael Casey with Malc on Your Thurrock: