Updated 29 May 2017

If your church or fellowship are joining the global Thy Kingdom Come wave of prayer from 25 May to 4 June, and you are open to all comers, please let Transformation Thurrock know and then we can make a list of which venue is open on what day.

Please let us know your venue address and opening times. The details will also be added to the TT calendar and appear on the front page of the website.

It doesn’t matter if your day clashes with another, or if you have m

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ore than one day or the whole lot. We will add the information onto the TT calendar and the list below as we receive it.

  • Thursday 25 May – Church Of His Presence, Grays
  • Friday 26 May – Grays Parish Church 9am-9pm (see details below)
  • Saturday 27 May –
  • Sunday 28 May –
  • Monday 29 May – Stanford Boiler Room
  • Tuesday 30 May – St John the Evangelist, Victoria Avenue, Grays (6-9pm) / Stanford Boiler Room
  • Wednesday 31 May – Stanford Boiler Room
  • Thursday 1 June – St Mary’s, Little Thurrock (including Thurrock Leaders Prayer at 8.30am – see below) / Stanford Boiler Room
  • Friday 2 June – St Cedd’s Church, Crammavill Street, Stifford Clays 9am-1pm (see details below) / Stanford Boiler Room
  • Saturday 3 June – St Mary’s, Little Thurrock 10am-2pm (see details below) / Stanford Boiler Room (evening: Thurrock Pentecost 2017)
  • Sunday 4 June (Pentecost Sunday) – Stanford Boiler Room

Thy Kingdom Come Stanford Boiler Room 24-7 Prayer Week held at 198 Southend Road SS17 7AQ