Tilbury Seafarers Cafe

So yesterday London Tilbury took over the coffee shop at the Tilbury Cruise terminal.
We are now looking for volunteers to support us with this.
These are the dates an times we are looking for volunteers. We only need two volunteers per session.
Any evening sessions will be serving beverages an some alcohol
8th December 4 pm until 7pm
9th December. 4pm until 7pm
11th December 9am until 2pm
12th December 9 am until 2.30pm
13th December 9am until 2.30pm
14th December 9am until 2.30
And 4pm until 7
15th December 9am until 2.30 pm and 4pm until 7pm
16th December 9am until 2.30pm
17th December 9am until 2.30 pm
20th December 4pm until 7pm
21st December 9am until 2.30pm
All proceeds go back into the seafarers centre.
Please Message Julie at the Seafarers Centre if you are able to help with any of these sessions.