VERSES VERSUS VIRUSES is a collection of 28 ‘crafted prophetic’ poems written by Timothy Harrold during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. 

They chart a personal voyage through that spring and a response to the shifting spiritual atmosphere over that period. As an itinerant preacher with a semiotic eye, Tim had already anticipated the sense of what was about to happen and, as the pandemic took hold, how what was meant for evil, God was using for good.

What emerged are images of profound challenge and change, of pause and process, of chrysalis and catalyst. Tim interprets the signs of the times through pictures and portraits of a world being shaken and shifted, and the church being reimagined and realigned, recalibrated and reset, revived and refreshed.

VERSES VERSUS VIRUSES can be used as a four-week series for daily meditation. Each poem is accompanied by a pen and ink illustration byTim.

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