NC Grays 2On Sunday 13 April, the 2014 TT Tour visited the New Covenant Church that meets in the Stanley Lazell Hall in Dell Road, Grays.

In the service, Tim Harrold did a Powerpoint presentation went through the past activities, present focii and future vision of Transformation Thurrock.

He talked about TT’s strapline – resourcing and facilitating united prayer and united mission, and the emerging emphasis to equip disciples to be disciple-makers.

Group discussion and feedback was again very lively and productive, and all responses were recorded by Vera Harrold on sheets of paper, as the photo shows (see below).

After the service, the ‘scrolls’ were handed to the pastor, Sam Ajetunmobi (see below right), as a memorial of the day which can be referred to and prayed over, and for safe keeping.

Similarities with the feedback of the other fellowships was evident again, much of it with a prophetic edge. The job of joining the dots and pooling resources so the church of Thurrock can become an effective united force can begin to become a reality.

The next stop on the TT Tour is at St Margaret’s Parish Church, Stanford le Hope, on Sunday 4 May.

Where has the TT Tour gone and where is it going?

The 2014 TT Tour is growing all the time, and looks like this:NC Grays medium 1

  • 16 February – Fresh Hope Community (St Margarets’ Fresh Expression), Stanford le Hope – DONE!
  • 2 March – Grays Methodist Church – DONE!
  • 16 March – St Cedd’s, Stifford Clays  DONE!
  • 23 March – St Mary’s, North Stifford – DONE!
  • 30 March – Seabrooke-All Saints Mission Shaped Community (Thurrock Christian Fellowship), All Saints Centre, Grays – DONE!
  • 6 April – Grays Baptist Church – DONE!
  • 13 April – New Covenant Church, Grays – DONE!
  • 4 May – St Margaret’s, Stanford le Hope
  • 18 May – St Mary’s, Little Thurrock (starts 9.30am & 11am)
  • 18 May – Corringham Salvation Army – East Thurrock United Service (starts 3pm)
  • 25 May – Grays United Reformed Church (part 1)
  • 8 June – Grays United Reformed Church (part 2)
  • 15 June – RCCG House of the Lord, South Ockendon
  • 29 June – Destiny Chapel, South Ockendon
  • 13 July – Tilbury Pride Mission Shaped Community (Thurrock Christian Fellowship)

All dates in between these (apart from Easter Sunday, 20 April) and after up to and including 20 July are currently available.

The content is suitable for any fellowship Sunday service or prayer meeting no matter what your style or where you’re ‘at’.

If you’d like to book Tim and the TT Tour, please call 07929 878 089 or email him on

The presentation – which is adaptable – is made up of three sections and lasts about 45 minutes. It follows this simple structure:

  • Information – Powerpoint presentation
    • where we’ve been
    • where we’re at
    • where we’re going
  • Interaction – small groups
    • what is God saying?
    • what are you going to do about it?
    • who are you going to tell?
  • Intercession – for Thurrock and the UK
    • proclamations of blessing
    • prayers of protection

Look at the feedback sheets of other fellowships around the borough for areas and ideas of commonality to see where the Holy Spirit is speaking to the borough’s church.

NC Grays medium 2