VB 2016 4Last Saturday, 16 July 2016, a team of 8 people drawn from across the church of Thurrock, ministered to some 70 people at the annual Village Beach Arts Festival at Grays Beach.

Hundreds of people attended the event which began at 11am and went on into the evening. There were stages around the beach area, all with their different emphases. There were local bands, there was world music, there were buskers, and there were community choirs and reggae groups on the main stage.

And there were many stalls for local community interest groups, refreshments, arts and crafts. The Thurrock Art Trail had one of 6 beach huts in which to show examples of work by local artists.

Transformation Thurrock had a stall in a prime spot where many people passed by between attractions. Andy Blakey arrived on site to set up the stall at 7.30am and found it to be twice the size he was expecting to be. This meant twice the space to put up the official Transformation Thurrock banners and display stuff.

Team members came from New Covenant Church, Grays; Thurrock Christian Fellowship; St John’s, Victoria Avenue; and the ‘Craftsmen’ church-in-the-house.

VB 2016 3Using some of the supernatural evangelism skills learnt on last year’s Firestarters’ course and this year’s Ignition training day, the team were able to give ‘spiritual readings’ using prophetic picture cards and interpret dreams and pray for healing.

People got to hear the good news of Jesus through these, and some were given gospels of John and Second Chance DVDs.

Because of the nature of some of the things said and prayed for, it would be inappropriate to record them here. However, one man’s back was prayed for and there was a considerable easing of pain. A number of people were given very accurate words of knowledge from the cards. People who had once walked with God were invited to reopen their hearts to the Saviour who still loves them and continues to watch over their lives. Others received comfort and prayer for emotional situations.

Thurrock’s MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, came over to the stall and spent a few minutes there (left).

After talking to and praying with some 70 people, the crowds began to die down in the early evening and the stall was closed down at 6.30pm.

Thanks to all the TT team members who ignited Village Beach with the love of Jesus and reality of heaven.

Did you do the Ignite Supernatural Evangelism training and want to be part of a TT team?
Why not join us at The Big Lunch in Grays Park on Tuesday 26 July, 10am-3pm.
For more information, contact tim@transformationthurrock.com

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