from John Guest at St Margaret’s, Stanford-le-Hope, from his column Fresh News in the Thurrock Gazette

PICT17922DID you see the Bishop of Chelmsford’s headlines last month? They were all about vicars vacating churches across Essex to create congregations in the communities. (See link to left of this page.)

Bishop Stephen Cottrell thinks it is “time for change” and I’m inclined to agree with him!

It wasn’t so long ago that a journalist asked me on air if it would be possible to have a church meeting in a boot sale and that seems to be one thing the Bishop is advocating too.

Well, why not? I’m all for starting churches up in boot sales and supermarkets and parks and I don’t think it should just be vicars doing it.

Anyone who wants to make a difference for God can start “being the church” anywhere and everywhere.

Now I’ve nothing against Sunday meetings in medieval buildings (we have a lovely one of our own in Stanford-le-Hope where we do some great stuff), but the Jesus business is far too good to keep indoors and far too important to confine to ‘religion’. What do you think?

Drop me a line if you think the church needs to be a bit more in the community.

Better still, come with me to the nearest boot sale and I’ll show you how it’s done!


All the more reason to do the Newforms Training and get involved in the Wellbeing / Good News conference – see the links to the left of this screen.