from the WAY.4WD team

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WAY.4WD is the mission that has been birthed out of last autumn’s GSUS LIVE Thurrock 2012 schools’ initiative and LZ7 concert.

The purpose of WAY.4WD is to make disciples through ‘discipleship hubs’ in the local secondary schools that GSUS LIVE visited, or didn’t visit, as it transpires!

We are pleased to announce that today (Wednesday 16 January) a WAY.4WD hub began at The Grays School, led by TCF Youth Work Leader Lois Blakey and her dad Andy, who was part of the GSUS LIVE Core Team.

Meanwhile, Caroline Smith and Rob Groves of Fresh Hope Community have been working in Stanford-le-Hope. Caroline, who is also doing an Oasis course, sent this report of their activities:

WAY.4WD discipleship hubs have been running on a weekly basis in both St Cleres and Hassenbrook Academy following their promotion by LZ7 at the GSUS LIVE After Party in November.

St Cleres are following the LZ7 resource Living4God based on the four points of the gospel, namely:

  1. 4 points jpegI know God loves me
  2. I really messed up
  3. Jesus died and paid the price
  4. Now I choose life

There are at least 10 pupils attending on a weekly basis ranging from years 7 to 10, and they are bringing their friends to hear what it means to follow Jesus and how much God loves them.

The group at St Cleres will now run in the permanent prayer space set up by Carla Taylor and the 24-7 prayer team and is fully supported and encouraged by teacher Angela Jellico.

WAY4WD logo jpegHassenbrook has 4 regular pupils attending and this group meets after school in the hall allowing for more space to play games and have fun based on the miracles of Jesus.

We are extremely encouraged by the pupils who return on a weekly basis to engage in the WAY.4WD discipleship hubs. Please keep all aspects of this exciting ministry in your prayers.

Also today, another local school has shown an interest in WAY.4WD. Interestingly, this school did not have GSUS LIVE, but a number of their pupils responded to LZ7’s message at the concert held in the Civic Hall. A couple of folk from the WAY.4WD team will be visiting the school to discuss the, er, way forward! Watch this space!

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