What is wholehearted living?
What do Wholehearted People have in common?
What have they learnt to let go of and leave behind?
What healthy habits do they practice and develop? 

Living Wholeheartedly and Free is about truly belonging.  Learning to live authentically and courageously without fear, shame or hopelessness.  The research of Brené Brown gives us some amazing insights into the nature of FREEDOM! (Galatians 5:1).

You are much more powerful than you realise. The things you cultivate and the things you actively and consciously let go; have the power to direct your life (Joshua 1:7-8).  The Wholehearted living conference will equip you with principles and tools that are restorative and joy-and-life producing, helping you build your life on priorities that will make you thrive.

The speaker is Jamie Lee from Church of Christ the King, he also hosts the monthly inter church Living Fire gathering at Eastgate, in Northfleet Kent

Time 9:15 to 4:30 on Saturday the 1st of Feb
Cost £10 when booking via email to secretary@transformationthurrock.com or via a Transformation Thurrock Trustee or on the door.

Sponsored by Transformation Thurrock