Transformation Thurrock

Unity, Prayer and Mission

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Transformation Thurrock is a means of facilitation of united prayer and united mission, developing relevant programmes and managing events cross-denominationally.

Transformation Thurrock also resources united prayer and united mission, with the proviso that any such programme or event is precisely that.

Involvement with Transformation Thurrock implicitly indicates an understanding of the biblical principle of unity and a desire to share vision, pool resources and join forces for the extension of the kingdom. In this way not only is a statement being made but it is being outworked as this revelation unfolds in a tangible way in the borough’s community.

Since 2008 Transformation Thurrock has been evolving and growing in experience, Transformation Thurrock can be of help in a practical or advisory role in a wide range of activities relating unity, prayer, mission (including outreach and evangelism), social entrepreneurship and social justice issues.

Transformation Thurrock’s trusteeship have a wide range of expertise from across the denominational spectrum, reflecting the cultural diversity of the borough. Contact us.