Befriending CAP Thurrock’s Clients

Please note that because of CAP commitment to work through local churches and to be able to offer prayer and offer to share the good news about Jesus with our clients (and the need to care for and build up those who choose to follow Jesus), there is a genuine need for our volunteers and workers to be committed followers of Jesus and active members of a local church.

In general, this role is no more complicated than it sounds.  If you can be a friend, you can be a befriender!

This involves:

  • Accompanying the debt coach on the home visits to meet the client – this is normally 3-4 visits a couple of weeks apart.
  • Stay in contact and continue to be a friend, meeting up regularly and lending a hand as any friend would.
  • Be willing to pray for them, offer to pray with them, offer to share about Jesus, offer to take them to church

For more inspiration see these videos: .  Then contact our Service Support person (Marion) on .

For the full Thurrock CAP fact sheet click here

Thurrock CAP, 25/03/2019