QVSR Tilbury every year gives presents to the seafarers who bring the vast majority of what we buy across the ocaeans. Just look where things are made, you dont often see made in Britain. These seafarers have not heard of living wage and spend 6 to 9 months away from their families.

Julie Hobby the manager of QVSR Tilbury Seafarers Centre explains

“We rely on the regular help of over 40 volunteers, peaking in the run up to Christmas, when we begin preparing parcels to bring a bit of cheer for seafarers in port, and away from their loved ones over the festive period. “The preparations start in January, when I get cards and wrapping paper in the sales.

“Through the year, I have volunteers writing cards and cutting Christmas paper to size.

“In August, I start to work out what I need, and then go out to groups, churches and companies for donations.

“It’s all a vast operation, dependent on the help of our great volunteers, including every year our good friends at the PLA.

“A particular shout out must go the army of knitters across the country, who provide hats, gloves and scarves as gifts for our seafarers.”

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Julie is always looking for volunteers to help at the centre.