Local video news website YourThurrock.com have made a short film on John Guest, Rector of Stanford-le-Hope, Clown and all round top bloke.. Below you will find the article and the film.

What would Jesus do? Dress up as a bouncer? Dress up as a clown?

He was unavailable for comment but we reckon he would approve of the way Rev John Guest delivers his message.

John has the ability to match the mood for appropriate occasions. Anyone who witnessed his Remembrance Service on sunday at Stanford-le-Hope at the cenotaph opposite St Margaret’s church, or as he led the service of remembrance for the Battle of Britain at Grays, will acknowledge that he conducts the services beautifully.

Others see John when he is dressed as a clown or indeed as he conducts services in the schools dressed as a bouncer and see a wonderfully expressive leader.

We visited John at the Rectory to find out a little more about his preachin