The After Party
We’re now just over 24hrs away (doors open 7pm Friday 2 November 2012) from the GSUS LIVE After Party at the Civic Hall in Grays.

We have only just learned that LZ7 will come with a support artist – Guvnor B.

Like LZ7, Guvnor B appeared at the National Day of Prayer at Wembley in September.

Local DJ Gbenga will be soaking the atmosphere with sanctified sounds during the half hour between the doors opening and the comperes – Caroline Smith and Rob Groves – introducing the artists.

GLAF LZ7 card JPEGThe Follow-Up
LZ7 will ask the young people to respond to the call to follow Jesus, and to show their interest by filling in a simple card. There will be no ‘counselling’ as such, but each young person who responds will be asked to fill in a card asking their name, school and year. They will be given a card in return (see right) with information about what happens next.

A new Facebook page has been developed for the follow-up, called “WAY.4WD”.

The initial follow-up will be an exploration of “The Four Points” as represented by the four symbols on the card. Look at the website for more info.

Beyond that, the LZ7 resources will kick in. These cover nine aspects of following Jesus. But the over all emphasis is not the implementation of a programme, but to disciple disciples and bring about a rapid mutltiplication of the Kingdom. We firmly have faith that this strategy has been given to Thurrock by the Lord.

Where schools’ work is already developed, these resources will be made available for use. But in a number of the schools that GSUS LIVE visited, there is an open door to establish discipleship groups – under the label WAY.4WD.

Ultimately, the vision is to see church planted in every secondary school in Thurrock, hopefully free of some of the things that put most young people coming into the buildings we call ‘churches’. And from these clusters, young people will take the message of Jesus to their families, their neighbours and their communities. There’ll be church in the home, church in the cafe, church in the club…

It’s got Jesus at the centre; it’s relational; it’s transformational; it’s disciple-making (not convert-gathering) according to the Great Commandment of the King. It’s not about “come” – it’s all about “GO!”

Things to thank God for

  • The curry fundraiser at the Maharaja in Benfleet last night raised £265!
  • The sound technicians have cut their bill by 20% because of the nature of the event!
  • We have raised in the region of £8K to cover the costs of the GSUS LIVE After Party – with more money to come in! Any surplus will be allocated towards the follow-up.