The chimes of Big Ben clock had stopped in 2017, while it was being restored and restarted in November 2022.

The restarting of the chimes spoke to Chip K of a voice speaking out to the country and beyond and a call to the church to call on God. For a full description of the process Chip went through you can find it here

This song is based on the prayer inscribed on a plaque in the Big Ben clock room reads:

All through this hour
Lord be my guide
That by Thy power
No foot shall slide.

Which is based on Psalm 37:23-24

You can hear the song and the concept behind it by clicking here

These chimes have rang out through the decades over London with a prayer for those in hearing of them

But in these turbulent and pivotal times, what if the Church took up its great proclamation and joined together to pray this prophetic prayer song?

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Many thanks for Tim Harold for bringing this to our attension.