nigel sykes 2Nigel Sykes (right) is a Senior Teaching Fellow and Head of the Enterprise Teaching Group at Warwick Business School.

He has been there since 1988 and teaches MBA and Undergraduate programmes. Prior to joining Warwick he worked in leisure for Bass plc and before that as an Engineer and has also been an Enterprise Agency Director on a posting to the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and the Home Office.

Nigel had a supernatural encounter with the Lord when teaching and consulting in Russia in September 1994. This has impacted hugely on Nigel obviously but in particular, the way he sees and understands individual and organisational development, even Kingdom.

On Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June, TBN Europe are filming Nigel’s teaching in a series of 6 hour-long seminars. This will take place inside Grays Baptist Church from 10am onwards each day.

PICT1700We are looking for around 12 people per day to make up an ‘audience’. People can come for one or both days. Three seminars will be filmed each day at 11am, 2pm and 4pm.

We would like those who come to have an interest in both the prophetic and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and what this can mean to us today. Nigel would like the sessions to be informal, conversational and interactive.

Nigel is sharing some very exciting stuff, especially with regards to the release of understanding Kingdom Building and returning to a Hebrew rather than a Greek way of seeing the World and our relationship with God and creation. Themes include:

  • Hebrew World View and Greek Divide
  • Swords and Highways – a vision
  • New World Order and Pyramidal Structures
  • Egg to Butterfly
  • Coming out of Man’s Number
  • Individual Release and Metamorphosis: ‘Death to Bring Life’
  • Organisational Development and the Ekklesia
  • Lessons from Geese

If you are interested in coming along, please contact Tim Harrold or Colin Baker as soon as possible at either:

  • or 07 929 878 089
  • or 01 375 768 133