This can only be a quick review of last night’s event at the Civic Hall in Grays…

… but 61 decisions were made by people to follow Jesus!

PICT2261Encouragers assemble in a marquee outside the Civic Hall and await their orders.

PICT2263Rock Thurrock Core Team members Andy Blakey and Colin Baker discuss logistical matters before the event begins.

PICT2265Thurrock’s own Debbie Spice opens the Celebration of Hope with a couple of songs.

photo2The Civic Hall was about 75% full at the start, with many more people reportedly made late as they tried to find spaces in the car park.

PICT2266Colin Baker on stage during the Celebration of Hope. With him are The Gathering Band.

PICT2267Shell Perris and The Gathering Band lead in worship.

PICT2268Will Graham delivers his message. He talked about Jesus being tried by Pontius Pilate, and how the latter wouldn’t come to a decision, which was just the same as deciding against Jesus. Will talked about how many chose to save the murderer and rebel Barabbas over the innocent Jesus, and that many are still making that choice. Will’s final question was, ‘Who do chose tonight? Will you chose Jesus?’, emphasising that this is a choice for eternity.

photo3Many respond, and encouragers stand with them to help them through the materials provided and pray with them and lead them to Christ.

photo4At the United Reformed Church in Bradleigh Avenue, Grays, co-labourers gather to process all the response cards filled in at the end of the celebration of hope.
61 people had responded to will’s message of hope in Jesus!
To God be the glory…

Email sent this morning by Edwin Hughes, who initiated the whole Rock Thurrock project back in May 2010 at the prompting of God the Holy Spirit…

Hi Everyone.

Know I shared this with some of you last night but just thought I let everyone in on it especially as there has been a further development on it this morning.

At Soul Survivor God showed me a vision of strange shaped helicopters coming to bring salvation to many.

Yesterday morning when we were praying in the venue I noticed the strange shaped lighting rig in the centre of the room and thought it looked rather like the strange shaped helicopter things God had shown me.

I was just totally blown away when the band started playing and the lights started to display whirling rotor shapes on the ceiling.

Caroline (Smith) just sent me a text to say her morning devotional was about helicopters being used to save the lost.

I’ll leave you to pray and draw your own conclusions but I feel God has spoken and is fulfilling what he showed me would be.

Fantastic response last night and I believe there is even more to come over the next two nights.


  • ROCK THURROCK is tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday). These two events are specifically (but not exclusively) for young people.
  • If you did the CLWC training, then please come and join the encouragers’ teams – we need everyone on board!
  • For more info, phone 07 929 878 089 on how to get involved.
  • We are expecting greater numbers of responses over these next two nights.
  • Hear Will Graham on BBC Essex Radio tomorrow morning at 7.10am!

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