Russell Godward has asked Transformation Thurrock to publish this announcement.

On Monday 25 January 2016, at our most recent TCF Communication evening, I announced my resignation from the role of TCF Team Leader with immediate effect and handed over the leadership of TCF to our Leadership Team.

Over the last 5 years Janet and I have increasingly felt the call to shape our lives for God’s mission in our town and area, and that call has changed our priorities and motivations.  Many of you will also be aware that our 23 year old son, James, fell sick three and a half years ago and we lost him to cancer two and a half years ago.  This has affected us deeply and changed us as people.  It still leaves us struggling in all sorts of ways, and for me personally Russ  Janadds to the sense that I can and should no longer function in a senior pastoral leadership position, certainly not in the conventional or expected sense.
Ultimately God has changed our hearts and is compelling us to live differently, and it’s simply time to make the decisions we need to make and live up to the reality of that call.

So, after many very good conversations with the Leadership Team and Trustees I have requested to be released from all local church responsibilities, and sent out to the work God is calling us to.  Janet and I will remain as members of TCF and you will still see us, but we are being sent to start and lead missional communities locally, and develop our partnership with Steve & Michelle Addison at Move ( training people and churches across the UK.

I arrived in TCF back in 1971 with my parents, who came to pastor a small Pentecostal church.  Since then I have personally had the joy of serving the people of TCF as a children’s worker, youth leader, cleaner, home/cell group leader, schools worker, expert tea maker, elder and leadership team member.

I was asked to take up the team leadership role from approximately 1998, and so have had the privilege of serving an amazing community of people in that capacity, alongside a great leadership and staff team, and as a staff member myself for almost 18 years.  I am deeply grateful to my employers – the Trustees and leadership, the church members and staff members for all of their support over many years.  In particular their care for me over the very difficult last few years has been invaluable.

My contractual employment ceases on the 31 March 2016.  During this transitional period I will serve the team as requested to assist the handover of responsibilities to them.

If you wish to contact the leadership of TCF then initially please contact John Freeman on

If you wish to remain in contact with Janet & Russell, and hear more of what they are doing then please leave them your contact details here:

Much love and blessing,

Russell & Janet Godward