colinbHi Everybody

Thanks so much for your prayers over the last few weeks following whiplash injury. I am still sore in the mornings and suffering from a bit of tiredness but the pain is certainly less restricting than it was.

I am writing to encourage you about the 24/7 prayer event held at Grays Baptist (Orsett Road) between 18th and 25th January 2009. This event deliberately coincides with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Firstly, may I encourage you to come to this event to pray for our unity locally and also use it as an opportunity to pray about local issues as well as worldwide. Grays Leaders’ prayers will take place at the church on the Thursday as can be seen on the 24/7 rota.

Secondly, the rota is there for you to print out and advertise at your church to get people to sign up. Would you then be so kind to inform myself 01375 404920 or indeed go to the Transformation Thurrock Website where they have a sign-up page… here is the link.

Thirdly, and since I am speaking to church leaders, you will know that this is not my final point but here goes.

It would be great if you could encourage your church to commit to a whole day, where individuals could come to the church to pray. If you were to concentrate on one particular day that would be helpful since friends could then arrange to come together. The church will be set out creatively to help people to pray, this is particularly useful for those who are not comfortable in praying publicly.

Fourthly, (I promise this is the last one) – Please download a poster for the Godfrey Birtill event and promote it to your congregations. Godfrey has been influential at prayer events held for cities and towns all over the UK and even further afield.

Please advertise this prayer concert for Friday 23rd January at Grays Baptist at 7.30pm an offering since we are not ticketing the event. This is bound to be popular so please could you let me know during the week before the 24/7 how many people you expect to be coming. People do travel some distance to hear Godfrey, so if you want a seat you will have to come early!

That’s all folks

God bless you as you minister good news this Christmastime.

Colin Baker
Grays Baptist Church