Thurrock’s GSUS LIVE schools’ project has just completed its sixth week at Hassenbrook School in Stanford-le-Hope.

GSUS LIVE Core Team member and Counties’ Evangelist Steve Morley described the week as “the best so far”.

Team member Hannah Lawton felt that the students at Hassenbrook showed the “most interest and interaction”, while Simeon Bayton felt there’d been some great conversations with teachers.

Each session is closed with a question and answer time, and some of the questions that came up were really excellent. There were the old chestnuts such as, “Where did God come from?” or, “How can we know the Bible is true?” which nevertheless gave us excellent opportunities to explore the faith.

However, the team were also asked, “If Jesus is God, how could God send him?” and “We’re told Jesus created the universe, so how could Mary create him?” We left those perplexities to Andy Higgs to grapple with.

One particularly esoteric query was, “Where exactly is this alien person hiding?” and one pupil insisted, “God didn’t make me, my parents did!”

Now, GSUS LIVE reaches its last week – and a first-time visit to Treetops at its new site in Woodside. Organised by Dai Franks of Grays Baptist Church, who is also a teacher at Treetops, he and all the team feel this is going to be a really special closing week.

Prayer points:
• Give thanks for the success of GSUS LIVE in all of Thurrock’s secondary schools it has visited over the past 6 weeks
• Give thanks for every young person who has been through the RE presentation
• Give thanks that when someone accidentally left the generator on all night at The Grays School, no damage was done and despite losing one lesson, things were quickly resolved
• Give thanks three of the schools are asking, “When is GSUS LIVE returning?”
• Please pray for the pupils, the team, and the staff at Treetops

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