AndrewMackinlayOn Friday 13 March, Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay will be attending the Grays Leaders Prayer Breakfast. This will be the second time Andrew has been to the monthly breakfast – he last joined us around 2006.

Andrew openly talks of his faith – he grew up in the Catholic tradition – and in September 2007 spoke at one of the events put on during Thurrock’s Church of England ‘Taste & See’ mission week, alongside Bishop Laurie of Bradwell.

He became Member of Parliament for Thurrock in 1992, taking over from Tory Tim Janman. During his political career, Andrew has always steered clear of the front benches, believing he can be a more effective opposition from the back benches. This stalwart position makes him an extremely effective local MP. Ever a champion of truth, his part in the inquiry into the lead up to the Iraq invasion led to controversy.

Recently, looking back at those days, Andrew did some straight talking again. On 24 February he said, “I regret having listened to the porky pies and the stories of the Intelligence Committe and of the Prime Minister. I shall regret it to the day I die. I should never, ever have trusted them.”

If you’re a minister, pastor or leader in Andrew’s constituency, you’re most welcome to come. The actual meeting begins at 8am with breakfast at 9am. We understand Andrew hopes to be present between 8.30 and 9.45am.

The GLP Breakfast takes place at the home of Margaret & Roy Smith who attend St Thomas RC Church in Grays. Their address is 35 Palmers Avenue.