by Tim Harrold

Come along on Pentecost Sunday, 24 May 2015, for what will be a powerful time of praise and prayer with presentations covering some major themes that God is bringing to the fore at this time across our borough.

The event is called Pentecost: Power to the People because the outpouring and infilling of the Holy Spirit is at once the great leveller and lifter-up of all believers whatever their ‘position’ or ‘status’ – in Christ, we all get to be part of the Body; in His Church, we all get to be priests and saints; in the Kingdom of God, we all get to use our gifts and talents without fear of competition nor comparison.

Such empowerment has the potential to transform our communities beyond even our wildest dreams, which is why the themes that will be presented on Sunday have been chosen.

This event has been generated as the reult of prayer and through conversations at the Thurrock Leaders’ Prayer group in recent weeks.

Starting at 4pm at St Cedd’s in Stifford Clays, here’s some of the highlights of the afternoon’s programme:

  • Opening praise & prayer led by Frank Gaisie & Destiny Chapel
  • Kingdom Culture presentation with Colin Baker & Tim Harrold
  • Kingdom Community presentation with Andy Blakey
  • Kingdom Economy presentation with Bob Love
  • Kingdom Identity presentation with Jan Blakey
  • Kingdom Expression – a drama by Jimi Fawehinmi
  • Your stories
  • Kingdom Prayer & closing praise
  • Refreshments

We will be looking at transformation in terms of:

  • shifting atmospheres
  • earning the right to influence
  • justice and mercy
  • renewing of mindsets
  • redeeming creativity

The event will last approximately 2 hours. We look forward to seeing you there!