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My dear friends and colleagues

Please find below the minutes of our Annual Meeting from last Tuesday. I am very grateful to our secretary Lita Walpole for getting these out so promptly.

I am sad to inform you that it looks as though Thurrock Faith Matters will need to close. Although Lita is willing to continue as secretary, we were unable to find either a chair or vice-chair to continue. I decided some months back that I would not re-stand this time, having served for some three years already. I am willing to continue support TFMs work as part of the committee and of course will continue this vital ministry through my Gazette articles and parish work until I retire in 2020.

Sadly, although one or two people have said they want TFM to continue, they haven’t shown up to meetings. The Annual meeting attracted just four people in addition to the speaker and his wife and Natalie Warren, who has always given us such consistent encouragement. Of the four present, our dear Yash has said he will be retiring. We received just five apologies, despite the event having been widely advertised for several weeks. It is difficult to see how TFM could continue with such waning support.

However … all is not lost!

Lita and I will be meeting next week with Natalie Warren and Tim Harrold from Transformation Thurrock (our AGM speaker) to discuss how we can continue to network and communicate amongst the faith groups and the voluntary sector. We hope to keep the Faith Groups database running and to use some of our existing funds to enable this. We will keep you informed of the outcomes of this meeting. (This has already occured. – Ed.)

In the meantime, please email me back on and let me know if you are willing for continued networking amongst our groups, if you are willing for us to make your contact details available and if you are happy to be involved in any future TFM-type projects, especially around Inter-Faith Week and Holocaust Memorial in January.

Finally, can I express my very deep appreciation for your support and prayers and for your partnership in the vital work of Building Bridges of Love across our local area. THANK YOU!

Your servant and friend,

John Guest

See Love is the Bridge – the Bridge is Love posting for Tim Harrold’s ‘keynote speech’ to the gathered hordes at the TFM AGM.

The TFM AGM minutes

TFM AGM minutes 20016 A
TFM AGM minutes 20016 B
TFM AGM minutes 20016 C