HOTLS1On 23 December 2017, RCCG House Of The Lord South Ockendon combined their 7th anniversary with a celebration of prayer. 

The event took place not in South Ockendon (they normally meet in Belhus Park Golf Club’s building), but in Orsett Village Hall.

Pastor Richard Olwawo invited Tim Harrold along to lead some prayer for the community, the borough and the nation. (They are pictured together on the frontpage of this website.)

Tim shared the platform with other guest speakers and contributers.

HOTLS2Among them were Pastor Tutu Sofowora (right) who spoke to those present from Generation X. To illustrate a sense of low self-esteem and how God sees us, she borrowed a £10 note from someone and asked who wanted it: naturally, everyone shouted, “Me!” She then screwed it up and asked the same question – and got the same response. She stood on it and asked the same question again, and got the same answer. She then threatened to rip it up, asking if anyone would still like it – and again, everyone still wanted it! Tutu made the point that regardless of our self-image, self-worth, and how we think we may appear before God, he sees us as His created, beyond worth, of infinite value, and totally loved. She concluded:

“It doesn’t matter what you go through, it doesn’t devalue you.”

Another highpoint was Joe Sax (probably not his real name!), who played a couple of sets of exquisite saxophonistry (below right).

Below are Tim’s prayer points, which you can use too…


HOTLS3“Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT: for heaven-inspired wisdom and decision-making in the Council
  • KINGDOM COHESION: Christian witness in a multicultural environment – heaven invading the earth of Thurrock, bringing people together in true unity
  • THURROCK’S MAYOR (TUNDE OJETOLA): may he have maximum effect and influence over next 6 months of office


“Your justice rolls like a never-ending river”

  • GANGS: the negative side of the Oyster Card Effect – drug running / territorial violence / dvisions drawn along racial lines
  • MURDERS: recent increase – protection of citizens
  • POLICE & LAW: wisdom, justice, detection


HOTLS4“Pray for kings and those in authority that we may live in peace”

  • BREXIT: Remainers bless Leavers and Leavers bless Remainers – kingdom unity of Christ always trumps the united states of man
  • GOVERNMENT: not just strong and stable BUT trustworthy and transparent God-led government
  • GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!: thanksgiving for the Queen’s Christian witness – and the fast-approaching generational transition in the Royal Family which will hugely affect the nation