Local video news website YourThurrock.com have made a short film on Rob Groves, Community Evangelist and co-founder of Transformation Thurrock. Below you will find the article and the film.

Yesterday we focussed on the work of the inter-denominational group GSUS Live as they travel from school to school.

Earlier, we had interviewed Rob Groves who is a co-founder of the group called Transformation Thurrock. They have a fantastic web site called www.transformationthurrock.com which YourThurrock heartily recommends.

The site has a mature and modern insight into the modern world. Rob and co-founder Tim Harrold like to take modern issues in the media that relate to spiritual matters and then take a Thurrock dimension or perspective.

They see Thurrock as a modern forward-thinking place and want to reflect that.

YourThurrock visited Rob at his shop, DJ Supplies at Crammavill Street (did you notice the plug there??) and spoke to him about his journey and his work.