Grays outreach1Every 3rd Saturday of the month, a small dedicated team from across a number of churches around the Grays town area gather under a white gazebo to reach out to local shoppers.

Joining in with the market in the High Street, the ‘booth’ is unremarkable to look at – but what happens there is remarkable.

The team has members from New Covenant Church, Church Of His Presence, Thurrock Christian Fellowship and Transformation Thurrock.

The main tool that they use is a pack of ‘spiritual readings’ picture cards.

Of course, many people understand the langauage of the phrase ‘spritiual readings’ – it’s mainly Christians who don’t! But here is a simple methodology that attracts people to the Gospel of the Kingdom by inviting folk to hear directly from God into their lives and situations, and to recieve prayer if they want.

On Saturday 19 November 2016, the team spoke to…

  • Road cleaner – he picked a picture and we prayed with him through that
  • Alcoholic – knew Jesus but not following 172 drunk and disorderly
  • Romanian driver who spoke in broken English but knew God
  • His two Romanian friends – a father and son: the son, despite saying there is no God, still had a reading that was accurate and got him thinking
  • Another Eastern European man comes up and asks for Bible – knows Jesus tell from his face when mentioned the name.
  • Local pastor of new church plant who showed a lot of interest in the cards
  • Sam spoke with two young men who hugged each other after they had been squaring up to each other after argument over betting shop
  • Lady, who chose picture of the pile of stones
  • Hindu lady who wanted to know about the Last Judgement – Jan & Andy gave her a Bible (at same time Tim spoke with her husband)
  • JW wanted to talk
  • Another lady was prayed with for healing and blessing
  • Young man wanted to know what we were doing – chose card with picture of two dogs face to face
  • Lady had faith in God but was not sure about Jesus – prayed with her for healing
  • Two Travellers from Gypsy Church in Kent wanted pray for son with coloilties
  • Guy with special needs asked for Bible
  • Prayed with Christian lady undergoing difficult time

Grays outreach2So that’s 20 contacts made in 3 hours. Imagine the potential…

We would like to expand this team to not only do Spiritual Readings but also go Treasure Hunting and give Free Hugs, and have back-up Prayer Walks – not just in Grays, but all over the Thurrock.

If we can build the team up from all those who have done the Firestarters and Ignition training over the past two years, then we can go out more often and reach more people with the love of Jesus.
It’s a challenge – but it’s fun!
It’s a bit scary – but it’s exciting!
It’s the Great Commandment in action – Jesus is with us!