GL pack 1Well… that’s it for another three or four years… maybe!

This morning (Friday 26 October) the GSUS UNIT was packed away by the Technical Crew and towed away from Harris Academy – and the Thurrock – by a guy called Steve from Stobarts.

Over the past seven weeks, the unit has visted six of the borough’s seconday schools – Grays School, Hassenbrook, Gateway, Treetops, St Clere’s, and Harris in Chafford Hundred.

An estimated 2000+ young people have been on the unit over those seven weeks, finding out about Christian beliefs and how the teachings of Jesus are still relevant in the 21st century, through music, film, scripture and the internet.

GL pack 2bAlso, some 500 tickets have been distributed to young people in each of the six schools for the GSUS LIVE After Party next Friday (2 November) at the Civic Hall in Grays. LZ7 – who were the headline act at Rock Thurrock last year – are performing again and presenting the challenge to follow Jesus again.

Doors are opening wider in the schools alllowing for fresh opportunites to disciple young disciples. LZ7 are providing a resource called Live4God to help us with this.

Imagine – clusters of young believers across Thurrock gathering together to worship, pray and talk in schools, cafes and homes, bringing Christ-centred transformation to neighbourhoods and communities!

The GSUS LIVE Thurrock Core Team would like to thank everyone in each of the six Presenters’ Teams who took the lessons, dealt with the occasional glitches with the software, the headphones and the printer, and communicated the message of Jesus and his Kingdom to all GL pack 5the students and staff who came on board.

But none of this would’ve been possible without the back up and support of the Technical Crew – Stan, Fed, Ken and Bob from St Cedds in Stifford Clays, along with additional help from Andy Higgs and Rob Groves from the GSUS LIVE Core Team.

A number of the schools visted by GSUS LIVE are already asking when will it be back again…

GL pack 4Pictures from top:
The Technical Crew being… technical!
Bob, Stan, Ken and Fred – the Four Technotears!
The Stobarts tractor unit sliding into position
GSUS LIVE heads down the Harris Academy drive…
GL pack 7
… on it’s way to storage before heading to schools in the Swansea area.