Transformation Thurrock is looking at becoming a Registered Charity

from Colin Baker, Chair of Transformation Thurrock and pastor at Grays Baptist Church – a transcript of his presentation at Pentecost: Power to the People! on 25 May 2015

We all are about the business of Transformation Thurrock whenever we engage in the business of the kingdom whilst transcending the barriers of our physical churches – i.e. getting involved in the community, praying shoulder to shoulder with other believers, unity-type stuff, treasure hunting, healing on the streets, shared worship events, cross denominational  adventures etc.

colinbWhilst ‘we’ are Transformation Thurrock (TT), whether we have deliberately named ourselves as being part of it or not, we are the ones who are investing in ourselves. Tim Harrold (TH) however, has sought to join all these things together not in any way to control them but rather to celebrate them. He has also, acted as a catalyst to bring some of these things into being in creative ways.

Now, what ‘we’ the churches have failed to do is invest wisely in this prophetic catalyst. The difficulty for some churches has been that of investing either into TH as an individual because he doesn’t represent something that is nationally recognised or into TT as an organisation because it is not a registered charity, company or mission organisation. I feel that the time has now come to recognise all the things that TT actually is, has done and is doing. To give it our best support and to see what the next level is as we celebrate our unity in Thurrock. Therefore I believe it is time for TT to become a registered charity thus making it easier for people to give efficiently and wisely.

I believe that for both small and large churches in Thurrock having TT out there and also within our DNA it will enable us to break out of our denominational barriers and really begin to see ourselves as the church of Thurrock. Let’s remember that TT doesn’t intend to be the church or to exercise control over the church. It simply wants to be there to celebrate what the Lord is actually doing among us.

So, simply put, can we agree to the idea of Transformation Thurrock becoming a registered charity so that we can effectively support it and all those who work for it – not only so that we can support Mr Harrold but that we may see this work extended.


Colin Baker
pastor, Grays Baptist Church
Thurrock Celebrate Recovery