As used at the Transformation Thurrock Charity Breakfast Celebration on Saturday 13 May 2017

After the prayer was read out, the 40 or so delegates were asked to prat through it and feedback what they felt the Lord is saying to the borough. Please see the link to the left of this screen for those responses.

IMG0669A Prayer for Thurrock 2007-2017

On 4 April 2017, Richard Earll (Community Church and the Chadwell Healing Centre) emailed to me a scanned copy of an old prayer for the borough. It was written on 13 February 2007 during a 24-7 Prayer Week at Thurrock Christian Fellowship’s centre in Corringham.

Two days later, on 6 April, I read the prayer out at the conclusion of the weekly Thurrock Leaders’ Prayer gathering, held at Andy & Jan Blakey‘s in Grays. Afterwards, Andy went out of the room and returned with a scrap of paper saying, “We found this yesterday.” On it was typed out the very same prayer.

Like King Josiah rediscovering the scrolls of the law of Moses and realising their significance, this prayer has suddenly resurfaced and come to our attention.

As you read through this together in your groups, consider and pray through these things:

  • What can we give thanks for that has happened over the past 10 years?
    • Thank God.
  • What do we have but need more of?
    • Ask God.
  • What hasn’t happened in those 10 years and we still believe God want to see?
    • Ask God.
  • Are we – the Body of Christ in Thurrock – like what was prayed for in this prayer?
    • Yes? Give thanks.
    • Not yet? Ask for more of God.
  • Am I – somebody in Christ – like what was prayed for in this prayer?
    • Yes? Give thanks.
    • Not yet? Ask for more of God.
  • What do we need to restore, rediscover, release and resurrect from this prayer?
    • What is your dream?
  • Do we have the passion and the compassion – have we responded to the commission of the mission?
    • Ask God to give the whole of Thurrock’s church more effective, diligent, alert, strategically aware and united vision.

A Prayer for Thurrock

from the Wailing Wall in The Boiler Room Room
4am 13.2.7 at TCF Corringham 24-7 Prayer Week


IMG0675Burn this vision into our hearts – nothing less than the transformation of Thurrock;
nothing less than the turning of the tide, the changing of filthy water into fresh;
the healing of the hurt and hurting;
the restoration of the broken and their brokenness;
the rediscovery of hope for those who are perishing through lack of vision;
the releasing of a sense of a purposeful tomorrow for all those chained to the fear of futurelessness.

So Lord, break our hearts that we might be pointers of the Way;
place us at the crossroads and show us the ancient paths;
unstop our dull ears that we might hear your fresh call to prayer;
awaken the sleeping giant of intercession with in us that we might be effective, diligent, alert, strategically aware prayer warriors for you;
put Jesus back at the centre of our hearts, minds and souls that we might find once again the passion of being true to Christ,
the compassion of being kind to others
and the commission of the mission with a vision to take the gospel to all nations home and abroad;
to be so in love with you that we live out the reality-changing truth that no one lives for themselves

Come Lord Jesus – make us like that!
Make me like that!
May I decrease that You might increase!
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!